We advise a number of emerging technology companies.



Finhaven is building a global securities issuance platform and exchange. Powered by Ethereum smart contracts and Bitcoin for automated re-payments, Finhaven works with companies looking to issue security tokens.

Boris co-founded the company and continues to advise the team.



Bidali is helping small and large companies accept next generation payments. They provide developer friendly APIs, KYC/AML compliant services, and e-commerce plugins that allow companies to easily integrate cryptocurrency payments into their app or website.


Rally Chain

Rally Chain is a cutting edge secure blockchain wallet company. Rally Chain provides custodianship, vault-based key management, and turn-key wallet-as-a-service for multiple public blockchains. Any blockchain-powered system can now choose to integrate Rally Chain to power accounts, wallets, and keys for high availability and a host of services for both end users and internal operations.



RightMesh is building a mesh network technology that includes a token-based incentive layer for sharing connectivity. This has broad applicability, from p2p connections that broaden network reach to enabling mobile-based payments for developers and users in the developing world. The RightMesh team is also building out core open source tech, including a Micro Raiden implementation to scale Ethereum token transactions.

Boris has been advising RightMesh through Finhaven, and continues to work with the team both locally in Vancouver and in supporting their community efforts worldwide.