Back to the Future

Last year, I started Frontier Foundry to figure out the evolution of growing the next generation of frontier technology. Along the way, I fell deep into blockchain and decentralized technology, and found all sorts of opportunities.

We ended up focusing fully on the most promising of them, building Finhaven, a “global day one” securities exchange in Canada powered by Ethereum, Bitcoin, and the best of centralized and decentralized approaches.

We brought in DH Kim as CEO to leverage his experience in capital markets and international connections, and I helped assembled a fantastic team.

I’m extremely proud of the Finhaven team and product, and can’t wait to see them combine engineering innovation with regulatory best practices for capital markets worldwide.

Now I’m taking the next step and continuing to explore more of what this evolving space has to offer.

I’ll work in an advisory capacity with Finhaven and other projects such as my friends at Right Mesh, plus some emerging companies in the blockchain tech space -- check out the advisory page for more details.


I’ll be working under the Frontier Foundry name as part of building a collective and a community. Check out the Frontier Community for the beginning of what I hope to be a forum for links, collaborative wiki pages, and longer form, accessible discussion.

What do I mean by collective? There are a number of companies that I'm helping to connect with customers, capital, and community. And I've got a great selection of collaborators that I hope to work with on projects they're involved with, or bring them into ones I get pulled into.

And more broadly, I want to explore the commons and collective-type activities that are possible today, from bounties (Gitcoin, Status Open Bounty) to community funding (Open Collective) and beyond. The incentive structure, automation, and micro-transaction potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech are part of what is opening new possibilities here.

While I've been local to Vancouver for a long time, I'm definitely thinking about Derek Sivers' great post on focusing local vs. global. I want to bring the world to Vancouver, so perhaps that means less in-person, local focus.

I will be hitting the road a bit in the next little while. I've got a Toronto trip planned in early May around the EDCON Ethereum community conference, and will be speaking at the TMT Finance Smart Cities Global Summit in Algiers at the end of June.

I'm happy to chat or meet in person during my upcoming travels. Get in touch!